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Series: Girls Most Likely to…
by Kate Davies
Publisher: Carina Press
ISBN: 978-14268-9530-2
April 29th, 2013

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Book two of the Girls Most Likely to…

Ten years ago, Marc and Bree were voted Cutest Couple-until a graduation-night argument destroyed their relationship. Unable to contact him, Bree had no choice but to forget Marc-and raise the son she never got to tell him about.

Marc got Bree's message loud and clear when he never heard from her again. Now stationed near his hometown, he sees their high school reunion as a chance to make peace with the past. But after one glimpse of Bree, he knows he never really got over her. And after one glimpse of her son, Marc knows he's the boy's father…

Despite the secrets and lies that kept them apart, Marc and Bree can't resist picking up where they left off. But when the weekend is over, it may be too late to build the future they once dreamed of.

For Kelsey and Nathan's story, check out Most Likely to Succeed.


kate davies's excerpt

© 2013 Kate Davies

If there was a list of places Bree didn't want to be tonight, the parking lot of Mac's Pub would definitely be on it. Maybe even in the top three.

Center of a volcano, middle of the desert, Mac's Pub. It was a toss-up.

But the fact was, the longer she sat there, the more likely someone would spot her, and the embarrassment factor would ratchet up to a hundred.

It was time to go in, make an appearance, give Tess and Kelsey a hug or two, then leave. She'd have fulfilled her promise to come to the reunion, but would still get a decent night's sleep at the same time. It was a win-win.

Bree reached for the door handle, then jumped backward as the shrill ringing of her cell phone broke the silence inside her car. She smacked her elbow against the steering wheel, fumbled her purse onto the passenger-side floor, and accidentally honked the horn trying to retrieve the phone.

Yeah. It was a good thing she'd never gone into police work. Stakeouts would be totally out of the question for her.

Pushing the talk button, she took a deep breath in the resulting silence. "Hey, Mom."

Bree half listened as she shoved items back in her purse. She'd heard all of it before.

"Yes, Mom. Ben needs to keep his usual bedtime. You know he likes to push, and I'd rather not deal with the fallout when he wakes up exhausted tomorrow morning."

Bree blinked and focused on her phone. "Yeah, Mom, I'm here. No, I haven't gone in yet." She paused, tapping her fingers against her jeans-clad thigh. "Because if I had, you wouldn't be able to hear me. It's really loud in there."

A couple walked past, arms around waists, focused on getting inside and not on the woman sitting in the car, talking on her cell phone. And that was totally fine with her. The more invisible she was this weekend, the better.

Bree rolled down the window as she waited. It was a little muggy tonight, and the last thing she needed was to go in there with sweat dripping down her face. "No, Mom. I haven't seen him. And I don't expect to. I don't think anyone has a clue what happened to him."

She gritted her teeth. "No, I don't care. We've made it ten years without him, so why would we--" Bree pinched the bridge of her nose. "Look, I'd better get in there. I'll see you later, okay? Give Ben a hug for me." She punched the off button and stuffed the phone back in her purse.

She could do this. Get out of the car, walk up to the door, go in and mingle. They were just classmates, most of whom she'd seen around town over the years. Besides, Kelsey and Tess were in there. The Girls Most Likely could handle anything together.

The door of the bar opened up again and light spilled onto the sidewalk in front. A couple, hands tightly clasped, hurried out into the parking lot.

Just her luck. The couple decided to stop next to the car in front of hers, and they were standing only a few feet away. She had two options, neither of them good. If she got out of the car, it could be awkward and strange. But if she didn't, there was the strong possibility they'd notice her sitting here looking at them, and she'd go beyond awkward and strange right to stalker.

The guy was right up behind the woman, arms around her waist, nuzzling her neck, and for a moment Bree was jealous. Single mom, young son, small town, not a whole lot of opportunities for dating. Or anything else.

The couple moved a little, shifting into the yellow glow of the light above their car. The woman turned her head and...


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"Sexy and emotional, with satisfying happily-ever-afters I can believe in. 'Girls most likely to...' is a delight." - Vivian Arend, NYT Bestselling Author


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